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Houston Moving Companies - Free Estimate from Professional Movers in Texas

They say that things are always bigger in Texas and Houston is no exception. In fact, Houston is the largest city in this state and the fourth largest city in the country. With its broad technological industry, Houston is home to many leading technology companies. Even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's ground control complex is located in this great city. That said, there are plenty of other industries that thrive in this city, which is segmented into four wards. And with the employment outlook on the upswing, there is something for everyone in this city no matter what your area of expertise happens to be.

Poised for Advancement

One of the best things about living in Houston is that every industry is poised for advancement. Even in today's economy, Houston enjoys low unemployment and higher than average profits. The real estate market in this area is still growing and many families are finding home buying easier here than most other cities. If you are looking to move to a place that still enjoys growth in all major areas, then Houston is the place for you.
Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of planning any interstate moving project where Houston is your destination is the fact that there really are many different choices when it comes to where you live. There are lots of different neighborhoods to choose from, and that's just within the city limits. If you don't mind a bit of a drive to work, there are also plenty of suburbs that you might opt for instead. Regardless of what you think you might like, research areas like these to find the one that's right for you.
  • Midtown is an area that grants residents quick access to places like central downtown, with its schools and the main medical center of the area.
  • For those that love the nightlife, or dining out, try looking at the centrally located Montrose.
  • The Heights are known for their historic appeal for anyone who loves history and older homes with charm.
  • Memorial City is great for anyone who wants to live away from the center of the busy city, but still wants a short drive to work.

Diversity in Many Areas

Houston is a very diverse area. The use of this term applies to both cultural diversity as well as industrial diversity. Where many cities excel in a limited number of industries, Houston can claim growth and profits in many different industries including technology as well as oil and gas. Culturally, Houston's population is comprised of nearly every race and creed that you could imagine as well. This means that you get the benefits of living in a place where you will not be bound to just one way of living, but will instead be introduced to many ways of life and various traditions you've not come in contact with before. Regardless of what your interests are, moving to Houston can really spice up and diversify your life!

Moving to Your New Home

Like many other major cities, Houston is governed by its own very specific laws. When you move to this area it is vital that you learn and understand these laws. When planning the long distance moving process, you should always make sure that you abide by the laws that are specific to the area where you are moving to. For large cities like Houston, you may have to think about things like:
  • Where will the interstate moving truck park? Are the streets wide enough and clear enough for the truck to maneuver?
  • Are there rules governing moving in and moving out times or days?
  • If you are moving pets, are they allowed in the building where you will be living? What kind of shots or medical requirements do you need to meet to legally bring them within the city?
  • Do you need any special permits to move, or to park the moving truck?

Check with the city officials to find out if there are any special requirements that long distance moving companies must meet as well. Since the moving industry is generally not well regulated, it is a good idea to be as educated about licenses and required certifications as possible. When hiring a Houston mover, consider the following:

  • How much will your move cost? Get moving quotes for the job from at least three or four companies who specialize in moves to the busy city center.
  • Only consider companies that have a good reputation. Look online and talk with others who live in the area you are living in if at all possible.
  • Always get binding moving quotes from the companies you are really interested in so that they cannot raise your price after the fact.
  • Be up front and honest with your movers and convey every obstacle, item that needs moving, and requirement before you sign the binding document.

Keys to a Stress-Free Move

While every move has something in common, moving to Houston may take a little bit of extra planning. Since this is a big city, you should always plan your move during a time when the Houston moving company truck will not interfere with traffic, and that the truck has a place to park. You also need to make sure that your movers know about the building that you are moving into. If you are not living in a house, then you probably need to be prepared to pay a little bit extra for stairs or other obstacles. Aside from the special circumstances that moving into a big city can create, you can make sure that you have a positive experience by following the general tips that we have provided at




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