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Interstate Movers and State to State Moving - No Obligation Moving Quotes

Interstate moving companies

Read Before Moving Long Distance: In a fast paced and ever changing world, change is something that we have gotten used to. One of the biggest changes, and one that people are constantly going through, is relocation. There are various reasons for relocating, including a change in jobs, the need for a larger home, or simply to be closer to family. Despite these very important reasons for a move, actually undertaking a move can be both difficult as well as daunting. There are many choices that you need to make before you start this process, as well as many things that you need to keep in mind. Remember that there are numerous different moving companies out there who all offer different services that might or might not fit your personal needs. It is up to you to choose the company that best fits what you need.

Getting an Accurate Quote

The best way to start the process of moving is to contact various moving companies in order to get a price quote on their services. You need to keep in mind that these quotes may not be perfectly accurate due to the fact that they are based on the size of your home as well as the distance you are traveling. If you have a large home, you will receive a quote based on the amount of goods that a home that size has on average. Your particular home may contain more or less that this average, and as such, your actual move may cost more or less than the quote that you receive.

Which Service is Right for You?

There are a variety of different services that interstate movers offer. You can choose a full service mover, a self service company, or a truck rental. You may also need storage, so keep this in mind as you look into the services of various companies.

Full Service Interstate Movers

Full service moving companies are those that provide everything that you need for your move. This includes packing and packing materials, loading and unloading, and the actual driving required. If you choose this route, make sure to include an extra fee for any stairs that the movers will have to traverse. Also keep in mind that packing materials and labor can become quite expensive, so you might want to consider either packing yourself or a self service option.

Self Service Companies

A self service move is quite a bit cheaper than a full service move because you are in charge of packing, loading, and unloading. The self service company only provides the space to store your belongings and the transportation needed to get it when you are going. You will have to purchase and procure packing materials on your own when you go this route. Because so many people like to do things themselves these days to save money, this type of move has become quite popular.

Short Distance Moves

If you are only moving a short distance, then you need to consider a totally different method of moving. Usually a short distance move will not meet the weight or distance requirements of commercial van lines, so you will have to find an alternative in order to move your things. There are many local companies who are willing to provide services that range from full service to self service when you are considering a short distance move. You can choose to move only bulky or large items using a moving company or you can choose to move your entire home in one step. While the cost of a local company will always be cheaper than a long distance move, prices will still vary depending on what you want the movers to do.


Storage is another aspect of your move that you need to consider. Most moving companies, both long and short distance, offer some form of storage. You can also have the company deliver your goods to a storage facility of your choosing. Storage will cost extra, with the exact fees depending on how long you need your goods stored for. You can also choose to have your goods delivered to your home at the end of the storage contract.

Check References First!

It is vital that you check references of any moving company before you sign a contract with them. You can look for reviews and speak with others to find out if they are known for being on time as well as reliable.

Check for Adequate Insurance

Don't forget to ask the company about any insurance that they will provide to cover damage that may occur to your belongings. You may need to purchase some extra coverage to make sure that all of your things are protected.

Verify a Binding Estimate

Finally, it is very important that you always read the final contract. There are some companies out there who do not hesitate to take customers for a ride. They often provide low estimates and then charge thousands more for the move. It is important that you make sure your contract includes a binding estimate that will hold the company to its original price quote. Look no Further! By following these simple steps, you will ensure that your next move is completed smoothly by a company that you can trust. While there is a lot of information to keep in mind, you can always find the information that you need right here at

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