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Movers Directory: Find Moving Company in Maryland - Local and Long Distance. Free Estimates From Approved Movers - Temple Hills

A new job opportunity, having reached the financial stability needed to move to a nicer part of town or finally buy your own place, a new relationship, or simply a desire for a change of scenery are few among many reasons people move. You would like to think of all of these things as wonderful things in an individual's life, however all too often the sense of accomplishment and excitement for what's to come related to any of these typical reasons for moving are soon overpowered by the reality of the moving process. Just like a dark storm cloud creeping over the sun and ruining a picnic on a warm sunny afternoon, the stress, frustration and pure exhaustion that actually comes along with moving is something no one can possibly enjoy.

Do yourself a favor and eliminate the nightmare and used Temple Hills moving companies! Let the professionals make sure everything is taken care of while you keep those grey hairs at bay for a few extra years. Finding the right moving company is not only practical and a huge convenience, but almost necessary. For any "movers" in the Temple Hills area, to not take advantage of is practically a sin!. will find the Maryland moving company that is just right for you, one that is qualified, experienced, and trained to handle all of your packing, transport, and unpacking needs. Delicate breakable items, valuable belongings, and large heavy pieces of furniture are carefully and properly packed and handled only by professionals who use specific packing techniques and moving equipment. Now you may think you are capable of properly packing these things yourself, but even taking the expertise of a moving companies staff out of the equation, you will still need to endure the tedious struggle of finding the right size boxes, finding and getting your hands on enough cushioning material for breakable items, and locating/renting equipment to move heavy items.

Sound fun? Didn't think so. I don't even think I need to tell you that the elimination of time, stress, and manual labor you will receive by using a Temple Hills moving company is money well spent. If you are planning a move in the somewhat near future be sure to check out the numerous Temple Hills moving companies on where you will be able to check and compare company’s accreditation, licensing, and talk to referrals. Go ahead and reward yourself, celebrate that accomplishment, and be sure to begin this new chapter of your life on a positive note. Unload all of the dreaded responsibilities that come along with moving and let find the right Temple Hills moving company to do it for you.

Males Population 3,536
Females Population 4,316
White Alone 332
Black Alone 6,748
Hispanic 484
Two or more Races 158
Asian Alone 94
American Indian Alone 19
Other Race Alone 15
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone 2

Catholic Church

32.1% 8.1%
United Methodist Church 10.4% 9.5%
Southern Baptist Convention 9.5% 19.7%
American Baptist Churches in the USA 5.3% 6.6%
Muslim Estimate 5.0% 1.6%
Church of God (Cleveland Tennessee) 4.1% 3.2%
Episcopal Church 2.7% 5.4%
Seventh-Day Adventist Church 2.5% 3.2%
Baptist General Conference 2.5% 0.9%
Other 25.9% 41.9%

Unemployment (Temple Hills) : 6.60%
Unemployment (MD) : 6.70%
Most Common Industries (Male)%

Public administration

Transportation and warehousing 14%
Professional, scientific, and technical services 10%
Construction 7%
Administrative and support and waste management services 6%
Educational services 5%
Health care and social assistance 5%

Most Common Industries (Female)%

Public administration (25%)

Health care and social assistance (19%)
Professional, scientific, and technical services (12%)
Educational services (10%)
Finance and insurance (8%)
Other services, except public administration (5%)
Retail trade (4%)

Most Common Occupations (Male)%

Material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing workers

Computer specialists 7%
Other protective service workers including supervisors 6%
Law enforcement workers including supervisors 5%
Construction trades workers except carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, and construction laborers 5%
Electrical equipment mechanics and other installation, maintenance, and repair occupations including supervisors 5%
Driver/sales workers and truck drivers 4%

Most Common Occupations (Female)%

Secretaries and administrative assistants

Other office and administrative support workers including supervisors 8%
Information and record clerks except customer service representatives 6%
Business operations specialists 5%
Preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school teachers 4%
Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers 4%
Computer specialists 4%

Allstate Professional Movers Inc - Temple Hills, MD

Location: 4852 Stamp Road, Temple Hills, MD 20748
Phone: (301)899-5126


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