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How to Move a Collection of Wine, Beer and Other Spirits

Moving to a new home? Want to take your small collection of wine, beer, or other spirits with you? Many people enjoy a nice glass of adult beverage with or following dinner. Some people even pride themselves in the astute collection that they have compiled over the years. But when it comes time to relocate to a new home, these people aren't quite sure how to move these typically fragile bottles with them. At the same time, giving away or getting rid of a collection of this level isn't the optimal choice either. Thankfully, the experts at Moving Companies .us have some helpful tips that can get you, and your beloved collection, on the road to a successful move. Put these tips into action and you will soon be enjoying that glass of wine, beer, or other spirit in your new home.

Temperature Concerns

Both moving and wine experts agree; one of the most difficult aspects of moving your collection is dealing with the temperature extremes that your bottles might be exposed to. Climate control is vitally important to ensuring your collection makes it to your new home without damage to the container or the liquids inside. For most spirits, fifty five degrees is the optimal temperature for storage and transport. That's why many people keep their bottles in a basement or dark cellar.

For smaller collections, travel by car is one of the best methods of transport. Vehicles are easy to control the climate in, making it more likely that your goods would not suffer any flavor changes or damage that could render the entire batch undrinkable. You can opt to have the moving companies transport your collection as well, but make sure that it will be moved in a climate controlled van or truck so that it is not subjected to any temperature extremes.


As temperature is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are moving your collection of wine, beer, and other spirits, it might be a good idea to build your move around a time of the year when the temperatures are more mild than extreme. The experts recommend that the spring or the late fall is the best time of the year to tackle a move that involves these kinds of goods. The summer and it's heat is fairly brutal on wine, while the middle of the winter can often turn some alcohol into slush which can ruin the flavor. Avoid these problems by choosing a time of the year to move that is at a time when temperatures are easier to handle all around. Not only will your collection be better off, but all of your belongings will avoid problems that might otherwise come as a result of temperature extremes.

Long Distance Moving

Moving over long distances can prove to be problematic to those who plan on moving with a collection of wine, beer, and other spirits. This is due to the fact that the logistics behind a long distance move are quite a bit more complex than those involved in a move just around the corner or to the next state over. Most of the time, there won't be room in a vehicle to take your collection with you, so you need to find another way to transport these fragile items.

There are two methods of transporting your collection if you find yourself in such a situation. First, consumers can opt to have their collections shipped on an airline for a fee. Because commercial airlines are generally fairly prompt, the exposure that your things are subjected to throughout the trip is limited. If you simply don't want to add such a task on top of an already hectic time in your life, then consider putting the collection into climate controlled storage until the seasons change and you are better able to transport it.


Regardless of where you might be moving to, or how far away that place is, it is important that you check on the legalities of moving wine, beer, and other spirits into your new neighborhood. While some places do not put a limit on what kinds of adult beverages you can bring into an area for personal use, some places do. To avoid problems with the law or getting your household goods delivered to your new home, make sure that you know what the limits are before you begin to pack everything up. Remember, it is always better to know ahead of time rather than end up in trouble legally before you even really settle into your new house.

Bottle Shock

No matter how many steps you take to protect your collection, there is always a chance that it will suffer from something known as bottle shock. This happens when your bottles are moved and shifted as they are transported to your new place. If you do not give your spirits time to settle, you can ruin the contents of any bottle. Generally, opening a bottle too soon after it has been shaken in the bottle will result in a large scale loss of taste. This can render your collection undrinkable, so be sure to follow the experts' advice. Always leave your bottles at rest for seven days per day of transport when you arrive at your new home before you open them. This might mean letting your collection rest for a month or more, but ensuring the taste and your enjoyment of the goods is well worth the wait.


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