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Moving and Self Storage - You Might Need One

Self storageMoving is not always the simple relocation of your belongings from point A to point B. Often there are circumstances where you will need to store your things for some amount of time. There are a few options open to you when you need storage, so we have provided an outline of these choices and some tips to help make your storage experience a good one.

Moving Company Storage

Most moving companies have their own storage buildings that you can opt for. If you are hiring a full service moving company, this may be the simplest method for you to choose. When you choose this method, the moving company will place your things into their storage building until you are ready to have them delivered. When you call for your things, the movers will then deliver them to your destination.


Self-storage buildings are those that line many streets in the United States. You can see them in any city or town. While there are some differences, each of these companies provide space for you to store your belongings for a specified amount of time. Some of these companies charge monthly, while others charge for the entire contract. When choosing a self-storage company, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Make sure to choose a company who is close to your home. This will allow you to access your things as you need to.
  • Ask about when you can access your unit. Some companies have specific hours while others are open all day and night. Also ask about any fees associated with accessing your goods.
  • Delicate items should always be stored in climate controlled units. Make sure to verify if a unit you are looking at is climate controlled.
  • Think about the space that you really need. Its better to pack a unit full rather than have a larger unit that is only half full.
  • Think about your storage needs when you are packing your things for the move. Using the same size boxes will make it a lot easier to pack your storage unit. It is also important to make sure that your boxes are filled to the top to ensure that they don't collapse.
  • It is vital to avoid the storage of volatile or flammable substances in your storage building. Humidity and pressures can cause adverse reactions.

Self-Service Moving Storage

If you know that you will need storage for your things, and you will not need to access them for the time you need them stored, then the self-service moving storage option may be the most cost and time efficient method for you. This method allows you to load your own things into a crate that will belong only to you. The crate will be transported by the moving company that you have hired.

The moving company will take this crate to their storage facility, but the crate will not be unpacked. When you are ready, the company will deliver this crate to your new location for you to unpack. This is a time saving method because you will only have to pack and unpack once. You will also be in control of the way your things are loaded into the crate. This may also be one of the cheapest routes to take as well.

Things to Keep in Mind

No matter which method you choose, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when you are considering storage. Make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage in the event that a fire or other disaster occurs. Sometimes the storage company will provide minimal coverage, but in most cases you will have to sign a release of liability before you move in. Always read the contract first so that nothing unexpected crops up later.
Making your moving and storage experience is easy if you follow these simple tips. Now that you know what to look for, why not request some free moving quotes today!



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