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Moving Weight Calculator | Weight of your shipment

Moving Weight of your Shipment


Nick Capolti, Moving Consultant, Moving Staff

Use this handy widget to calculate the weight of all your household items that you intended to move.
Just enter all the items, room by room and this advanced widget will calculate the weight for you.

Shipping Weight

A large portion of your moving estimate, and the resulting actual cost, is due to the weight of the goods that you are moving. Most moving companies charge based on the total weight of your goods, which will vary greatly depending on how much you actually own. Keep in mind that a moving estimate can only guess at what your belongings will weight, and this is one major reason that estimates are not always correct.

Minimum Weight Limits

When you choose to hire a national carrier, you can expect them to enforce a minimum weight limit. At this point it will not matter if you are shipping less than this minimum, as you will still be charged for at least this amount. If your goods weight vastly less than this minimum, then you might want to consider another moving method. Most national companies impose a 1000 pound minimum weight.

Local Movers

Not all moving companies charge by the weight of your goods, nor do they impose a minimum weight. Local movers are a great example of this because they usually charge by the time it takes to move rather than the weight of the goods moved. If you are moving locally, a local mover is probably going to be the best choice for your move.

Information Disclosure

By law, all moving companies are required to disclose the minimum weight limits and the charges associated with them. This means that a moving company has to tell you if it thinks your goods will weight less than the carriers minimum limits. This information should be contained on the written estimate. The minimum limit will also impose a minimum cost on any move, no matter what goods are being shipped.

Keep This in Mind

Because of minimum limits, it is most productive to ship goods that weight at least the minimum. Since you will be charged for this amount of weight anyways, it will be cost and time effective to make an effort to ship as much as it takes to meet the minimum weight. If you feel that there is no way to meet this weight limit, then you might want to consider a different method of shipping your goods.

Use a Weight Estimator

If you are not sure how much your goods will weigh, we have included a handy tool that can calculate it for you. Simply enter the items you wish to include in your move, and the weight estimator will calculate a total weight for you. While this is not an exact way to find out the weight of your goods, it will give you a very good idea.

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