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Two Real Estate Online Powers Join Forces to Offer Consumers a Better Experience

If you've tried shopping online for your next new home, then you probably know these two names; Trulia, an online resource that offers buyers, sellers, agents, owners, and even those who rent, inside information about the state of the market as well as information on specific places where someone might want to live, and Move, Incorporated, which is an online destination when it comes to finding, buying, and even moving to your next new home. With brand names as well known as these, it's no wonder that amazing things happen when the two come together.

Unlike other websites and resources that help those who are searching for a new home find the one that they want, these two huge players in the online real estate market have now joined forces to make the searching experience much easier for everyone. Through a new agreement, the two have partnered up in order to offer a broad range of listings to Trulia users and other consumers through the Trulia website. By using ListHub, a service acquired by Move, Inc in 2010, MLS listings, performance reports targeted at brokers and agents, and some straightforward information for the common consumer will be offered on the Trulia site.

Between the huge database of real time syndication offered by ListHub, and the dedication to quality that Trulia upholds, consumers stand to benefit quite a bit from the new agreement. By gaining access to tons of real time information on homes currently on the market, as well as having the ability to seek out what they want and how to go about getting it, consumers don't have to muddle through the process of purchasing a new home on their own. With this new agreement, those who are searching for the perfect house can find a wealth of information about homes and home buying all in one place.

But the consumers aren't the only ones who stand to benefit. As part of the agreement, Trulia will be providing real time metrics to ListHub, which will be included in their Scorecard. This Scorecard allows professionals in the real estate field to judge how effective their approaches are to marketing, allowing even those on the working side of the process to gain footing in a chaotic sector of business today.

Once you've found the home of your dreams using the new ListHub and Trulia combination, be sure to head on over to to get all the information you need on moving your things to that new home. The last thing that you need is to be stuck so close to owning the home of your dreams without being able to effectively and quickly move your things to the new place. For that reason, continue with your record of turning to the most professional experts out there and turn to us when it comes time to make your move. With a database of our own full of the best and highest rated moving companies on the market, the three minutes you'll spend filling in the form above will be well worth it.

Get multiple, free, moving quotes from the best movers in your area simply by filling in the form above. Now that you have the home you will love, and you are sure of yourself because you went through the professionals at Trulia and ListHub, save yourself the heartache of a move and let us help!


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