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Research Movers Well Before Hiring

With home sales on the rise, it's easy to see why so many moving companies across the country are getting busier and booked further and further in advance. Estimates vary from one place to another, but numbers that are coming in from all over are showing not only a rise in home sales

The Other Side of the Housing Slump: Moving Companies are Overwhelmed

The housing slump that caused many moving companies to go out of business or make severe cutbacks in 2008 is now causing more problems for the troubled moving industry.

Two Real Estate Online Powers Join Forces to Offer Consumers a Better Experience

If you've tried shopping online for your next new home, then you probably know these two names; Trulia, an online resource that offers buyers, sellers, agents, owners, and even those who rent, inside information about the state of the market as well as information.....

Moving Companies Suffer Housing Market Bust

Homeowners are not the only people who are suffering from the poor conditions in the housing market. In the Los Angeles area, moving companies are receiving less than half the calls for jobs than they were at this time last year.

Moving Scams Target Hurricane Victims

With hurricane season in full swing, we are hearing a lot about the victims of these storms. While each storm brings a different set of circumstances to light, there are a few things that remain consistent. One of the most important things to hurricane victims.....

Moving Truck Crashed into Home

Kristy Chin, Journalist, Our Staff

On a sunny morning last Monday, the activities around the block of Shinnecock Hill in New Garden, PA ware temporarily stopped when a moving truck was crashed into a home.

Moving to Florida

Tracy Smith, Relocation Specialist, Our Staff

Moving Companies are Affected by Gas Prices

Trickling Down to Nothing

Kristy Chin, Journalist,  Our Staff

Screened Long Distance Moving Companies

Kristy Chin, Journalist, our staff

Relocating can turn out to be very stressful, and the last you would want to worry about is whether your belongings are going to reach you safely, in good condition. On an average 1.4 to 1.6 million households move from one place to another every year. Almost all families have a smooth moving experience. However, fraudulent moving companies have victimized some families. In fact, every year the U.S. Department of Transportation receives almost 3,000 to 4,000 complaints from consumers who state that moving companies have victimized them.

It usually happens that people hire a moving company over the net because of the low estimate, but once the truckload of belongings shows up, the estimate surges two to three times the original bid. Consumers are asked to pay their new bills, or else they are forewarned about their possessions being put up for auction.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) moving companies often are unable to deliver or end up delivering damaged goods. Thereafter they refuse to reimburse for the loss and damages incurred. These movers may not even be legitimate carriers, and customers could easily fall especially, the uninformed and elderly.

Following are some tips which can be helpful in knowing if the moving company you are dealing with is genuine -:

New Vegas Family Falls Victim to Scam

Kristy Chin, Journalist

With school out, many families are relocating all around the nation and some into our valley. But as one North Carolina family found out, when they headed out west they ended up empty handed.


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