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The Other Side of the Housing Slump: Moving Companies are Overwhelmed

The housing slump that caused many moving companies to go out of business or make severe cutbacks in 2008 is now causing more problems for the troubled moving industry. While those companies that are still in business were able to even out the expenditures with the income that was making its way into their accounts, they now face an entirely different problem. According to Ohio's Dayton Daily News, movers are overwhelmed by the influx of customers resulting from the growth of the housing market over the last few months. Because of the cutbacks and the many businesses who are no longer operating because of the economic slowdown, especially in the housing market, movers these days are finding themselves strapped for time, rather than cash.

Real Estate Industry Recovery

Sales of existing homes surged in May reaching highs that haven't been seen since the housing slump began. It's a good sign, but a sign that moving companies and industry professionals need to gear up for more business. Many companies find themselves hesitant, however, because the recovery of the real estate market is not only slow, but shaky as well. Still, analysts say that we are on the way up, meaning that most movers and their businesses will have to look at expanding their resources to meet the new demands.

In some locations, finding a mover in the month of June, which wasn't even a peak month for moving in general, was nearly impossible. By the beginning of the month, companies that operate in major cities were mostly booked solid, leaving consumers fighting for less than scrupulous companies who charged more than they should have. It made locating the right moving company that much more difficult, and the planning phase of the moving process that much more important.

Stabilizing the Industry

The experts say that things are on their way up, but that doesn't mean things will automatically return to normality. Consumers should expect to be on the receiving end of the growing pains that inevitably will come as a result of the stabilization of the housing market. And while this might make you think twice about moving to a new home right now, or at least hiring a mover to handle the transport of your things for you, it only highlights the need to plan ahead and search for the best mover to meet your needs. While many moving companies find themselves booked, especially the better companies, consumers who start planning their move early and contact movers to get moving quotes well ahead of the date of the actual move should have no problem securing a great mover at a price that can be afforded.



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